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How to Earn Money Online in a simple and legit way.

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The one of the most important thing of our day to day life is Money. I am not going to tell the importance of money in our life because we all know it what is the place of money in our life. So today in this blog your are going to learn how to earn money online in a simple and legal way. Now a days every thing is online and so we can also earn money being online. So we can see that everyone is having smart phone or laptop with internet or wifi network.
So if you have smart phone or laptop with internet you might think to earn money online  But you never get a legit process or legit program because you always lack in your knowledge in how to earn money online.

If you type in Google “How to earn money online” in result you will find many companies and website that offers some wonderful schemes and and simple copy-paste online work. But here you get confused that whom to choose where to work and how it is going to work, And the most important question that come in your mind is whether it is legit or scam.

Because if you find started working online for some program and you paid some registration fees for it and after few weeks or a month you will come know that it was a scam that program is a fake, then you not only wasted your money on it but also your valuable time. So if you want never to get tracked into scam ‘here is a piece of advice “Never take short cuts to earn money” it will lead you no where’.

Now let me tell you how you are going to earn money online, the very famous and legit program is ‘Google Adsense’. You might have seen some ads flashing up and in the side bar of the websites and apps you use, this advertisement you see on websites and apps are run by the Google adsense program.

There are also many other program like Google adsense but a very trusted way by which you can earn money online is adsense and in this blog we will talk about Google adsense only and short information about other programs.

So now what is Google adsense and how it works. Well actually its all about advertisement, many companies from all around the world grow their business by marketing themselves and this online marketing is done by advertisement on the other people’s website. Now in simple words this companies pays a publisher that is a website owner for displaying the ads on his website and in this procedure they have a middle agent which is very trusted by both publisher and advertiser that is Google Adsense.

There are three different ways by which you can Earn Money Online using adsense and they are as follows..

Earn Money Online through WEBSITE and BLOG :


  • Now if you have a website then how can you earn money from it this is the question, And we have a perfect answer for this question. If you have a blog or website then you can apply for Google adsense and once your Google adsense is approved you can display ads provided by Google adsense program and start earning money online.
  • You can apply for this Google adsense if you have a private website like or blogger site, Google adsense can get approved on any king of website you have.

Note : To get approved Google adsense program your website should match all the terms and conditions of Google adsense program.
The other program like Google adsense are


This are the very famous and legit programs that are running around.

Earn Money Online through Affiliated Programs :


  • You can also join affiliate programs to earn money online through your website and blog. Basically what Affiliated Program is, is a company such as ‘’ they’re actually credited usually as starting the first ever Affiliated Program but now there are all over the place, just about every other business website has launched it now.
  • But basically this business website’s offers you the option to promote their products and services used for free and you make commission for every sale you make and know their actually a very popular way to make money online.
  • Once you find a company whose affiliate program you want to join, you just need to sign up for their affiliate policy and they will provide you the link which will be redirected to their product or services and this link which is provided to you , you just need to display that link on your website.
  • You can find many big companies to join Affiliated Program at

Earn Money Online by Selling your products online :


  • If you have any products that you want to sell then you can sell it without any headache of talking to a customer and delivering your product at his doorstep, leave all the trouble work on the online stores and get paid for the products which they sell for you.
  • There are few popular shopping sites where people comes and buy product of their choice. This popular shopping sites are Amazon, eBay, Flipkart.
  • You can display your products on this popular shopping sites and get paid when ever any user buy your product without any headache. You just need to deliver all you products to this popular shopping site’s warehouse. All the other details you can find on their sites.

Earn Money Online by Selling your skills :


  • If you have any skills like designing, web development, Search engine optimization, Photo editing, or If you are a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Multimedia Animation Expert, Photographer, Musician etc. You can sell your creativity on the internet.
  • Here is the most popular website where you can sell your creativity and find people of same interest. Here people will hire you for the work you’re expert in and you can simply get paid for the work you enjoy to do
  • The first one is ‘Envato Market’ and other one is ‘’.

Earn Money Online through YouTube Videos :


  •  YouTube is a largest video sharing platform on the internet, You might have watched videos on youtube many times but the one thing you didn’t knew is that when you watch any video on youtube the owner of the video who has uploaded that video get paid by youtube.
  • You can also Earn Money Online by uploading your videos on youtube. You just need to create youtube channel and monetize your channel videos.
  • You can create channel about Gaming, Music, Comedy, Teaching, Sports, Tech, Photography, Beauty & Fashion, Science & Education, Cooking & Health, News & Politics.
  • Choose the plateform about which you like to create videos and upload it to your youtube channel. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before you accept the agreement from youtube.

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